Project Description

Ski Ropes

  • 8 Plait Construction
  • Made from 100% Monofilament Polyethylene
  • Light weight
  • Floats in water, does not absorb water
5 250 TBA
6* 250 750
8* 200 400
10 100 TBA
12 100 TBA

*16 plait construction also available – subject to minimum quantity

Available Colours

Available Colours

Blue / white
Black / white
Orange / white
Solid white
Solid blue
Solid black
Solid yellow
Solid lime
Solid orange

Manufactured from 100% Monofilament Polyethylene, our robust and sturdy ski rope is purpose built for Australia’s waterways. This locally made 8 Plait Polyethylene rope can be customised to the exact dimensions and size you need for reliable water-ski performance.

One of the major benefits of a ski-rope is the ability to float in the water without absorbing additional liquid. This feature allows the rope to be easily spliced for use in wake boarding, tube towing and water-skiing.

Order Ski Ropes in Bulk – Various Sizes and Colours Available

Whittam Ropes offer fast shipping to all corners of Australia. Our extensive nationwide supply chain also allows for prompt completion and delivery of large quantity orders. We partner directly with industry bodies and organisations to provide our signature products in bulk.

Ski ropes can be ordered in a wide variety of colours and sizes to meet your individual requirements. For more information and details, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Whittam Ropes team today.

Australia’s Leading Supplier of Ski Ropes

Family owned and operated, Whittam have remained at the forefront of boating rope manufacturing for 40 years and counting. Starting from a base of high-quality raw materials, all ski ropes supplied are constructed under strict control standards and protocols. In addition, our staff have extensive experience in the rope industry.

Why is the Quality of Ski Ropes Important?

Whether you are attaching a water-ski, a wake board or a floating device, the last thing you need is an unreliable and inflexible ski rope. Whittam’s plaited Polyethylene rope ensures a strong and sturdy result that holds up under open water conditions. Despite its innate strength, these ski ropes are incredibly light weight and easy to use.

Contact us now for any questions related to orders, specifications or delivery.