Project Description

Double Braid Polyester

  • Easy to Splice
  • 100% UV resistant polyester
  • High strength and hard wearing cover
6 200 800 960
8 200 800 1,600
10 100 600 2,200
12 100 600 3,400
14 100 400 4,800
16 100 600 5,400
18 80 480 6,000
20 100 400 10,500
22 100 400 TBA
24 100 300 11,600
26 100 200 TBA
28 100 200 16,700

Available Colours

6mm - 18mm

Colours : 6mm - 18mm

Solid white
White with 2 red flecks
White with 2 blue flecks
White with 2 green flecks
White with 2 yellow flecks
White with 2 black flecks

Available Colours

20mm - 28mm

Colours : 20mm - 28mm

Solid white

Other colours available, we can custom design to your requirements (minimum quantities apply)

Double Braid Polyester Rope

Double Braid Polyester Rope is an indispensable staple of the boating and marine industry. Sometimes referred to as “Yacht Braid,” this rope is waterproof, UV resistant, and high strength. Double Braid Polyester Rope is the perfect item for dock and anchor lines, general purpose pulling, electrical utilities, and CrossFit battle ropes.

Due to its remarkable natural strength, polyester rope is the perfect option for any pulling, rigging or hoisting applications. The other major benefit of double braid polyester rope relates to its easy to splice nature.

Order Double Braid Polyester Rope in Bulk

Although we are based in Melbourne, we can ship double braid polyester rope to all corners of Australia. Whether you need ropes in the industrial, equestrian or marine sector, our long standing supply chain ensures swift completion and delivery for every order made.

The Whittam range comes in a wide variety of diameters, spool lengths and overall weight classifications. Should you have specific requirements or colour preferences, we can also customise the design. Please note that minimum quantities do apply for any custom work.

Australia’s Leading Supplier of Double Braid Polyester Rope

Since 1982, Whittam Ropes have been at the forefront of the Australian rope manufacturing industry. Our high-quality ropes are widely used in the marine, industrial, equestrian, and food sectors. Whether you require ski rope, marine rope or double braid polyester rope, all products are designed and manufactured under strict quality control standards.

Buy Double Braid Polyester Rope for Yachting and Boating

Yachting is one of the primary applications for double braid polyester rope. Polyester is favoured by sailors and boat makers for its robust strength and exceptional durability. This rope can be used for a variety of hoisting, rigging and pulling applications.

Whether you sail for recreation or serious competition, our high-quality ropes will provide first-class support and assistance. Contact us now for all Polyester enquiries.